Episode 5 – The Three Rule of Agency Club (Part 2) – Mando Group


Part 2 of 2: Before we meet Ian Finch, MD and Owner of Mando Group, a digital agency that designs and delivers customer experience led websites, intranets and mobile apps that drive engagement and increase efficiency, you need to know that this interview is actually split into two and you can hear the first part of this interview by listening to the previous Marketing Study Lab episode, but in this one we discuss a beer fridge (whoop)!

But before you reach for an actual beer while enjoying this episode you may want to find out why you should be reading your assignments backwards, yes sdrawkcab is a no brainer.

– AI will only get better, with advance levels of automation but also a keen eye on GDPR.
– Focus on the positives, not negatives. The Mando beer fridge is a perfect example of this, turning something that was universally despised (filling in time sheets), turning it into a positive attribute

Top Tip – Reading Backwards
If you want to spot any of those really, really, frustrating typos try reading your assignment backwards. This way you wont be tricked into reading sentences and certain misspelt words, or those that a spellchecker may not spot will start to stick out. Reading an assignment backwards also focuses in the individual words rather than the strings of words that you are used to reading, which can be deceivingly incorrect.

So to recap, read it backwards, word by word, spot the mistakes, change them then submit your word perfect assignment.

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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