As we’re taking a break from all that studying and research, I want to get right into introducing our guest who holds a Ph.D, is a Professor, Digital Learning Consultant, Educator Entrepreneurship consultant, speak and blogger. Recently featured in Forbes, Ai Addyson-Zhang has a fascinating story to tell about how social media can be taught…. Using social media as the platform to teach in!

This episode is a belter and blew me away a little.


– So to recap, Social Media Pedagogy (Ped-a-Goge-ee) – Nailed it! is coaching people how to use social media, using social media as the training tool, making it practical and insightful from the start. It’s amazing to hear stories of students saying even this way of learning can be hard which goes to show that sometimes what we think is basic, can actually be quite complicated.

– Let’s Globalise the classroom! What a great statement and one that may sound impossible, but in reality, isn’t! Using the different platforms practically may be hard to implement in a society that has used the same methods of education for many decades, but if it is the right fit, why aren’t we trying it? I certainly intend to in my workshops,

– Learn – Do – Teach. Simple, yet effective. Practice what you preach, understand it better than anyone by doing and then pass on your knowledge. Learn – Do – Teach.

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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