Episode 36 – Yoast SEO and THE Internet – Jono Alderson – Special Ops (Digital Strategist) – Yoast.com


What is your bedtime ritual? Hopefully it’s not as bad as most peoples? How many hours sleep should you be getting? Do you get them? In this weeks top tip that’s what we’ll be talking about, sleep. And we discuss another Level 4 CIM Marketing Exam question.

But now its time to introduce our guest, Jono Alderson from Yoast.com, now I have to say at this point the first few minutes there audio isn’t as good as it usually is but we resolve this issue very early on so just stick with it as you really don’t want to miss this one. Jono has over a decade of experience in web development, SEO, analytics, brand and campaign strategy, lead generation, eCRM, conversion rate optimization and helping companies deliver SEO, content, analytics and brand strategies at an international level.

Jono is also a keynote speaker with a passion that oozes through in everything he does. With this passion itching to come through in this interview I thought I would start by asking Jono, what is your favorite toast condiment?



– Let’s get SEO right. Its more than keywords, we are more advanced than that now. As Jono stated; its technology, marketing, psychology, branding and it’s copywriting. You need to go further than just words…. But the best rule of thumb is….. just don’t be a d*ckhead! Consider your customer and what they search for as at some point in the purchase process they will search!

– It is massively important that we invest time into digital communication channels, including websites. Good is just not…. Good enough anymore, it needs to be exceptional. If the channels you are using to communicate messages aren’t great, you can be your competitors are and that gives them an advantage.

– Jono spoke about being device agnostic and making the point that not everything should be made ‘mobile first’. We should never make assumptions over what hardware customers as using.

– Lead generation today is much more than a contact us form. We need to be solving people’s problems, without being salesy, pushy or demanding. Compelling, useful and interesting content will always win in the long term as it creates an engagement that is more powerful than consistent sales offers, which only serve to drive prices down, with short term, short lived success.


Top Tip – A Good Nights Sleep

What are the affects on getting a really bad night’s sleep. If you have a bad sleep ritual or don’t think you’re getting enough sleep this tip will show you how important it is to get your regular 6, 7, 8  9hours?

Before we find out how many hours you should be getting and provide you with some simple yet effective tips for a better nights kip, the results of poor a sleep pattern can reduce the success you with have within your studies as it can cause:

– Memory issues

– Trouble concentrating

– Mood changes

– Weakened immunity

The National Sleep Foundation suggest that adults should be getting between 7 to 9 hours, so that’s a great start if you are getting in-between this number of hours, but to really to pave the way for better sleep, you can follow these simple yet effective tips:

– Stick to a sleep schedule, always

– Create a relaxing bedtime ritual

– Exercise daily

– Create the ideal temperature, removing all sound and light

– Sleep in comfort

– Try not to drink alcohol and avoid caffeine (anything that can steel sleep from you)

– Turn off electronics before you enter the bedroom


Good night.


Level 4 Marketing Exam

We are looking for the two incorrect answers here, for the following question:

The following elements are considered when managing the extended marketing mix?

  1. Colleagues
  2. Revenue
  3. Ambience
  4. PR

To answer this question we need to do two things.

  1. Find out what the extended marketing mix consists of, and
  2. Which of the four options are attributed to it.

So, the extended marketing mix consists of People, Process and Physical Evidence (as we should all know that the standard marketing mix is Product, Price, Place and Promotion – the four Ps, with the other three making it the 7 Ps), so we need to consider which of these 4 fit into this extended mix

Of the options given, only two can be attributed to the Extended Marketing MIx. Revenue, is more of a budgetary element and wouldn’t be considered when discussing Price within the Marketing Mix. Colleagues could be included within People I suppose, but this is too arbitrary to be considered correct, especially as PR is another answer you could choose from, which is part of your Promotional element. This leaves the two correct answers, which we can now discard:

c. Ambience and d. PR

So the correct answers, or incorrect answers are:
a. Colleagues
b. Revenue


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