Episode 35 – The Time Terrorist and Money Laundering – Louisa Van Vessem – VA – Workflow Virtual Assistant


Lets find out what being a virtual assistant is all about as we chat to Louisa van Vessem, who is the owner and VA for Workflow Virtual Assistant. Louisa’s mantra is to run straight ahead at those things that put fear into you. Scared of heights? Why not do a skydive? Introverted and don’t like talking to crowds – do a podcast or stand up on stage! That’s why in this episode Louisa talks about Time Terrorists and Money Laundering, oh and also all things VA.


– A Virtual Assistants (VA’s) job can vary massively from admin tasks to web design. They can even be used as a sounding board – so getting the right fit with a client is hugely important for Louisa, which is great to hear as this means all of her clients will be as much of a great fit for her as Louisa is for them, win / win.

– Admin tasks have changed. We are taking on more and more without the increase of any time (we all still have 24 hours in a day), which can lead to mistakes and missed elements as we can be so focussed on other areas, be it in a business or working on our own thing.

– What tasks are critical and are your sweet spot and which should be pushed down the pecking order? Consider this when doing your research and studies.

– Take note of Louisa’s tips for that work-life-study balance and how to stay organised:

Breakdown your tasks into small bites sized chunks

Consider using an online project management tool such as Asana

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – and that means your tutors and peers

Set deadline dates and work out what is essential, cutting out the crap

Take breaks – we’ve cover it in previous episodes, make sure you take heed as it is as important as the hours you are putting in

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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