Episode 34 – The Dark Art of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)- Hannah Thorpe – MD – White.net


Back off, stay away! How can these two statements be important when finalising your assignments – This believe it or not is a top tip! We’ll also discuss how to establish an in-depth understanding of the requirements of B2B customers as we look at another Marketing question.

First off, let’s have a conversation with Hannah Thorpe, the MD of white.net, about all things SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – and I must apologise as some of the audio may be a little clicky, but let see how it goes. Hannah is an SEO specialist, covering everything from technical issues to marketing campaigns so Hannah has a lot of experience to share with us.



– Any strategy should have objectives attributed to it, especially digital as there is no excuse to not monitor and learn from the findings

– Using an external agency has many benefits and as Hannah points out they can bring the experience that may not be available internally, experience from other sectors that can be invaluable and possibly create a USP for an organisation. Because of this versatility over different markets, spotting trends is also a key ingredient of outsourcing SEO capabilities.

– When building an online presence, especially your website, try using common sense to start to build your site and the content on it. This will give you a solid foundation to build on… as long as you are always putting the user first….. Always put the user first.


Top Tip – Stay Away (Get distance from your assignment then go back to it be submission)

Another tip that sounds counterintuitive but can pay dividends to your end results is to take a step back from your assignment and research, especially when it starts to get close to the submission date.

If you take a step back from what you have been doing, let you brain relax for a while and focus on something else and then come back to your assignment you may see the errors or issues you just couldn’t get over previously…. Ever tried to solve a problem before going to bed and couldn’t, but in the morning the answer is so obvious, similar thing here. Give yourself some distance, clear your head and then dive back in. Sometimes it’s the simple things that can make a difference and this is one of them.


Level 4 Marketing Exam Question

Which of the following is used to establish an in-depth understanding of the requirements of B2B Customers?

  1. Market Segmentation
  2. Sales Analysis
  3. Strategic Positioning
  4. Relationship Marketing

An in-depth understanding of your customers can give any organisation a great competitive advantage, focusing on their needs and wants. What triggers a response and what makes them want to purchase from you? What problems do they have that need fulfilling – the list goes on and on.

When looking through the answers to this question it is easy to make a case for all four to be correct but it is only with Relationship Marketing that a deeper understanding of your target markets can be achieved.

Market Segmentation may show you the groups and types of customers that make up your target markets and the difference between them, whereas any type of sales analysis will highlight the more popular items you sell and which customers purchase what and when. Which leads onto strategic positioning and how you want to be perceived in the marketplace (long term). None of these however will provide such an in-depth understanding of a B2B customer as relationship marketing where a CRM can be used to understand not only the company, sales patterns and pervious communications, but the individuals that make up the decision making unit and who make the final decision! Invaluable.

  1. Relationship Marketing


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