Episode 33 – A Look Into the Future and the Goat Theory – Korbinian Lehner – Senior Digital Native – Telekom Deutschland


We’re talking to Korbinian Lehner, who is a Senior Digital Native for Telekom Deutschland (you may know them better as T-Mobile). Korbinian opens up the world of innovation in a way you may never have considered before and does this through the skills he has learnt and a lot of enthusiasm.

– Innovation is crucial to make forward progress, but this must be done in a structured way in order for us to make sense of it all.

– The two digital trends Korbinian will be looking out for as:

– Blockchain and the speed, plus security this software can provide. Conisder moving house and how complex this is, blockchain has the potential to do all this within days if not hours, safely and securely

– AI (Artificial Intelligence), but not in the way we are probably thinking, but using it for the ability to make decisions and from this generate new and better intel

– Social media has the power not only to connect each other, but connect the information we place in it. This combined with the personal touch and emotional context is as empowering as anything, which we sometimes forget.

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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Korbinian Lehner:
@KorbinianLehner – https://twitter.com/KorbinianLehner

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The Goat Theory (The Monty Hall Problem): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Lb-6rxZxx0