Episode 31 – Lasagna with a Slice of Digital – Darren Goldsby – Chief Digital Officer – The Jamie Oliver Group


Let’s have a little natter with Darren Goldsby, the Chief Digital Officer for The Jamie Oliver Group. But what you think a Chief Digital Officer does and what they actually do are probably two very different thinks as Darren goes on to explain, it’s a lot more than just a website, clicks and followers.


– Digital touches everything, whether you realise it or not. It is available to effectively help a business grow and develop. This doesn’t just mean a website. It can be customer focused, internally focused, process driven, supplier driven, but it is utilising the appropriate levels of technology and data within the business that makes it work

– Use examples to sell your ideas, which Darren has to do when trying to convince the digitally uneducated. And this is what I preach all the time, especially when writing for an assignment. Real life examples can help to back up your statements and produce compelling answers. Darren’s  example of searching for commercial property online is a great one as it sounds so archaic to think that it was done any other way now, but that is the power of the example – proof that something works and these are undeniable truths

– The way people find content has changed massively over recent years and this is now predominantly done via a preferred social platform and perhaps one other app, such as a news app. This is why it’s so important to know your audience and where their attention is.

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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Darren Goldsby:
@dmgoldsby – https://twitter.com/dmgoldsby

Good to Great – Jim Collins : https://amzn.to/2OJED4z

Wood Puzzle:

Here is a great article from the Harvard Business Review about Old v New Power: https://hbr.org/2014/12/understanding-new-power

Music Featured on this Podcast:
Sleepy in the Garden
Lobo Loco www.musikbrause.de
Creative Commons License