Episode 30 – Drinking Tea and Creating Avatars – Tracey Tait – Marketing Consultant – Transcend You


APIC. Analyse, Planning, Implementation and Control. This is the framework we will have a chat about later on in this episode as well as looking at why you should look to present your CIM assignment in a desirable manner. 10% worth of desirable.

But first, let’s meet Tea drinking Tracey Tait, who is an Independent Marketing Consultant based in Newcastle, don’t let her accent deceive you, she is definitely based in the North East.

What should make Tracey’s story compelling to you is the fact she has worked for large global organisations as well as SME’s and will be able to give us all a well-rounded view on all things Marketing. Her methods are Simple, effective and time-saving and who doesn’t want that.



– Tracey provided us with the ultimate 6 step guide to building an ideal client / persona / avatar and this is the one and only takeaway I want to focus on as its so important to get this right. So these six steps are:

1 – Demographic (age, gender, marital status, vocation, level of education, etc)

2 – What is going with them? They obviously have a problem that you can solve, what is that? What are their pain points and challenges? And are they the decision maker, if not who is, as these are the people who will have the final say?

3 – Where are these people – where do they congregate, not physically, although it may well be, but more digitally – what websites, blogs, social do they use and who do they follow?

4 – What is there story and remember to have empathy and consider the emotional side as this can be a powerful tool. Thoughts, feelings, fears, desires – all important!

5 – What is the story after purchase. It doesn’t end after the sell

6 – The negative persona and avoiding the clients that you don’t want to target. It sounds backwards but it can provide so much clarity in who your ideal client actually is.

Thanks Tracey!


Top Tip – 10% for Presentation. Use it!

This tip is a no brainer. Your assignments and exams are split up into apportioned marks right the way through. They have to be to hold any validity and hold the Chartered crest. This starts with apportioning the marks to each question – i.e. 8 marks for one and 15 for another (where you will have to go into more depth to gain more marks – but you can’t get over these 15 marks).

Similarly, a certain percentage is also give for the type and style of answer you give – which was the focus of the tip from episode 24 – Concept/theory, Application, Evaluation and Presentation. But it is the presentation part that is usually missed out here and it can be worth a whopping 10%. To put this into perspective – a distinction is 70%, factoring in the presentation marks, it starts to become manageable and much more attainable. When you are writing your assignment, think about how you are presenting it. Is it good enough that you would share it at work? If it isn’t then maybe consider revamping what you have done and go for that extra 10%!


Level 4 CIM Marketing Exam Question:

Which of the following is a component of the APIC marketing planning framework?

  1. Analysis
  2. Promotion
  3. Information
  4. Customer

If you haven’t researched any planning frameworks you may struggle in these types of exams, so research!!!!! If you have ever heard of APIC then you should know the answer is Analysis as this framework is a scaled down version of SOSTAC. Analyse, Planning, Implementation and Control – APIC is a model that illustrates the 4 elements of planning within a marketing environment.

Yes, the other three answers all form part of this framework at a deeper level:

Promotion – Will be a fundamental part of implementation

Information – You will need to analyse before planning

Customers – Should be at the heart of this and any other framework,

But Analysis is the only answer that is seen as a key stage of APIC:

  1. Analysis



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