Episode 3 – If You Build It, They Will Come – BMF (Builders Merchant Federation)


In this episode we talk to John Newcomb, the Chief Executive of the BMF (Builders Merchant Federation) who provides a wonderful insight into how the non-profit trade association has doubled its membership, why Marketing, and in-particular Digital Marketing has helped to achieve this and why it is so important for all the BMFs members Merchant to invest into Digital strategies and concepts.

We review the Level 4 CIM Digital Marketing Assignment – Task 1 (b) and discuss the importance of understanding command words!

– Regardless of the industry, Marketing cannot be overlooked. John mentioned that be BMF run multiple forums over numerous disciplines and the Marketing forum is the most popular by far and Marketing should be embraced by the industry particularly the digital side, but you cannot forget the people. People buy from people, but it is the presell and opening doors to make it easier to sell to customers that Marketing can really help with.

– Follow the leader. An organisation will be led from the top and the growth of the BMF and its members is not only down to hard work (a lot of hard work) but also with Marketing at it’s core

– Segmentation. The federation has managed to segment its target markets into such categories as merchants and other members that offer services into the industry. With these segments there are also sub-categories such as HR and Marketing allowing the BMF to tailor their Marketing and messages through various communication channels to each individual target market to hold more relevance to members.

Top Tip
This episodes top tip focuses on understanding the key / command words in the assignments and why they are so important. In every CIM assignment there will be a key / command word and this word acts as a prompt and guide to how to answer the tasks and questions set.

Each command work is chosen to highlight how a question should be tackled. It’s vitally important before you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard that you understand what each command word means and how it will effect how you tackle each particular task or individual question. The command word sets the tone the CIM expect you to follow in your answer, but interoperate it incorrectly and your answer may be way off target and way off what the CIM are expecting to see. Here are some good examples of what we mean:

Evaluate: You are expected to tackle the question by appraising the value of a particular subject. Considering validity, reliability, effectiveness and applicability. This isn’t a summary or a description.

Describe: Present a detailed account through writing clear descriptions of your reading, research and findings. Evaluating this question wouldn’t give the right tone in your answer to gain marks.

And this is why it is really important to get to grips with what the question is asking by working out what the command word is. But you are not alone here as a set of command words can be found by using the link provided in the show notes.

Read them, understand them, and this will set you on the right path to acing any CIM assignment that is put in front of you.

Assignment – July 2018, Level 4, Digital Marketing – Task 1 (b)
The benefits of Digital Marketing activities are practically endless, but a good place to start (as always) will be with a lot of research – reading, online information, competitor activity, even your own organisations activities.

When discussing the benefits specifically, some examples may be:
CRM tool,
Personalised comms,
Geographic coverage,
Cost vs traditional Marketing,
Speed of interactions,
24/7 sales tool.

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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