Episode 29 – When Copywriting Always Ask, So What? – Louise Shanahan – Health Copywriter and Jargon-Buster (The Copy Prescription)


Lets talk to Louise Shanahan, a copywriter for The Copy Prescription, and I love that name as Louise writes within two niche marketplaces – yep – health and the Government.

Louise is also a fitness nerd and a former civil-servant, which helps as she is writing about these two things A LOT!  Go figure, someone who knows an industry, has a passion for it and has gone niche, actually making a living from these things, well I never!!!


– What is your skill, what is your niche? Louise career has been guided, some would say by her personal life but she always utilised this to her advantage, which is now also the niche she is thriving in. From Wooden Spoon to Gym Fanatic – you make your own future, what will yours be?

– But once you have your niche, how do you thrive in this particular community. Well, Louise maximised her knowledge of Government and Health as well a being very relatable, genuine and trustworthy – and video Marketing can prove to be a great platform to do this as long as the message you are conveying is relative and for good

– Copywriting can help persuade and sell, which is basically good marketing fundamentals. Louise tells her clients that they have a duty to have good copy as they will be doing their customers a disservice if they let then click away. If you have a great product or service – you need to use the right platforms along with the right message to stand any chance of surviving.

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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