Episode 28 – Take Pride in Your Work (Global Employer Branding) – Andrea Scheerbaum – Siemens


Today we’re going to chat with someone that knows a thing or two about Global Employer Branding, which may sound familiar as back in episode 23 we chatted to Kim Kunze from Siemens about Employer Branding. Siemens we kind enough to let me not only talk to Kim, but also her colleague Andrea Scheerbaum (apologies about the pronunciation)!

Andrea, believes her English isn’t up to scratch, well Andrea, I can tell you now if this is poor English, I’m certainly no Englishman! Onto the serious side now and Andrea has had many jobs at Siemens including Global Employer Branding, but her passion firmly lies with [email protected], but I won’t steal her thunder as we get to that later on in our chat after we’ve discussed global employer branding, encouraging graduates to participate in activities and how it is important to have a mixture of experience and the right qualifications.


– Be curious as it opens doors. Quite simply, if you don’t ask, you don’t end up getting. Andrea started by trying to understand the products and services Siemens produced and then developed skills along the way by being inquisitive and passionate. Passion goes a long way as long as its pointed in the right direction, so don’t be afraid to say ‘I’ll do that’ or ‘I’ll help with that’ to learn something new or expand your current knowledge.

– Global Employer Branding is all about people, not product. And through this, values are created and if you can develop the right values, you create a culture where people can thrive, not just survive. But each country is different and needs to be tackled in a project by project basis, but the overall premise is the same – tell stories, huh, funny that, telling stories and engaging does work!

– Siemens knows that if you can get the buy-in from students and graduates they are more likely to succeed and this is achieved through mentoring on the job, high level trainee programs, speed dating events with employees and ‘Siemens Stay’, a forum to discuss the recruitment process.

– When looking for employment take your time to read the job specification and if you feel you can achieve at least 70% of it then it could be a fit for you. The other 30% can be picked up along the way through, yep, asking questions, being curious and a continuous desire to learn.

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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