Episode 26 – Copywriting: Don’t Make Super Simple Tasks Difficult – Gill Andrews – Freelance Copywriter & Web Consultant (Part 1 of 2)


I would like to introduce you to Gill Andrews, who is a copywriter and a web consultant placing her in the prime position to discuss all things copy, communications and web design – the perfect combo. I must point out though  , yet again my guest has stepped up to the plate and delivered so much value I’ve had to split this chat into two – so this is part 1 of 2!


– I love a good analogy and hearing Gill discuss why copy is so important using a classic game (which for this Gill mentioned a train on a track, where as I would say the absolute classic – Lemmings! (not one for the younger generation that – but take a look at what I mean, link in the show notes). Once you’ve set something in motion it needs to guide people through a journey – which is what good copy does

– Gill describes tips as harmful as they are all encompassing, whereas she firmly believes that a system or strategy with specific tips included, is a more engaging way to produce copy for a target audience or niche within a marketplace

– When creating a website and writing good online copy, you must start with understanding who your target audience is and keep it simple to start with – i.e. what layout will your audience expect to see on your website – don’t make super simple tasks difficult! Once this is done, you need to understand what language your audience will expect to see – will it be technical? Descriptive? Funny? – as this will help them feel comfortable and understand what you are – Gill explains this by using the old – if you met someone at a party and they asked what you do, how and what would you say? Make sure they understand you!

– Oh, and use font size 16px, minimum

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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