Episode 25 – Moonwalking to Success Zoe Stainsby – Global Integrated Entertainment Marketing Specialist – Fuse


Our next guest is Zoe Stainsby, the Head of Entertainment at Fuse – their basic principal is to create partnerships and experiences, which anyone can do, right? But these experience need to make an impact and a difference to those that are part of it, through the likes of sports, music and gaming.

Fuse have worked with an eclectic mix of top named brands: Starbucks, Levi’s, McDonalds, Channel 4 and even the British Olympic Association. And you know you’re going to get a wealth of information out of your guest when you realize they have provided thought leadership at events such as Cannes Lions, Amsterdam Dance Event, Musexpo, Roundhouse Women In Music and Liverpool SoundCity.


– Zoe’s career started off with learning the basics, from the ground up! But Zoe also understood that academia can also help with career progression and took it upon herself to get a qualification that would help in achieving her ambitions around what she is passionate about, music! But it was so interesting to her that it was the cohort that came along with the qualification that really set Zoe’s passion alight

– There are 4 different trends we all need to look out for in the future of Entertainment Marketing:

1) Delivering value via a purchase funnel through entertainment

2) The rise in Reggaeton (South American Hip-Hop) and the Globalisation of music in general

3) Mutual value partnerships (between brands, other brands and / or artists)

4) The rise or cryptocurrencies within the music industry

5) e-Sports and the convergence of Sports and entertainment

– Finally, and most importantly….. If you are looking to progress within this industry you must work hard and be nice to people! Don’t be afraid to fail, have fun while your doing this and network, build up your network and look to get a mentor – someone that has done what you want to do or is where you want to be. Learn from the best!

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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