Episode 23 – Santa and the Employer Value Proposition – Kim Kunze – Siemens


Employer Branding is probably one of those Marketing topic that can be forgotten about as we focus on the external and turning prospects into clients and customers, but it is integral to an organisations success.

If not implemented correctly, if at all, it can actually hinder not only the progression and growth of a company financially but also diminish opportunities to attracted the best talent in the future.

So who better to show us the path to successful Employer Branding than Kim Kunze, who had a dream to one day work for Siemens and you know what, she does, as part of the Employer Branding and Social Innovations team, but I’ll let Kim explain more of that wonderful insight into dreaming big!

– Every company uses employer brand regardless of if it being given the care and attention it clearly needs or not. It is everything and everywhere, both online and offline and some may say this is just another word for reputation, but it goes further than that and communicates the identity of the brand – its culture, values and beliefs.

– Employer Value Proposition, EVP for short – is the terminology for who we are as an employer and what the we stands for – notice how I didn’t use ‘the company’ there as listening to Kim it is obvious that a successful employer brand is more about the ‘we’ than the ‘company’, which considers the outside as well as inside perspective being – Attractive, true, credible, distinctive and sustainable, which then goes on to form the underlying messages of the communications strategy. But make sure that this EVP is resonating with your audience…. Unless you’ll end up with values attributed to one man…. Santa!

– Kim explained that VR is being used to show what it is like to work for Siemens via their Siemens 360 degrees app (links are in the show notes). Now I know I’m not a huge fan of this technology… yet, this is a great interactive way of engaging with the next generation workforce and being at the forefront of such technology puts the Siemens brand in a different place or viewed differently than it would be if it wasn’t using or at least trying new technologies.

And using VR as well in such an inventive way by simply using it to highlight that Siemens is more than just ‘washing machines’ – it’s robots, the London Underground and space – sign me up!

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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Kim Kunze: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kim-kunze-3b76b5b/
Siemens: https://www.siemens.com/uk/en/home.html
Siemens 360°: https://new.siemens.com/global/en/company/jobs/life-at-siemens/futuremakers.html

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