Episode 22 – The Art of Presenting Planning, Creation, Delivery (The Heros Journey) – Spencer Waldron – Prezi (Part 2 of 2)


We will have no distractions in this episode, at least during our top studying tip, which is all about… distractions! Speaking of distractions, this is episode is part two of a great two parter, you lucky, lucky people, so if you haven’t listened to the first part, do us all a favour and hop back to episode 21 and listen to the first part you will not be disappointed as our guest will not shut up about presenting and presentations – and again, it is marvelous, so marvelous in fact that this is why it’s split it into two parts – so that you can digest all this value in two manageable chunks – double delight.

We’ll also be discussing the Level 4 Integrated Communications Assignment – Dec 18, question 1(c), where you have to consider internal communication. Speaking of which, presentations are usually a great way to provide colleagues with information internally, so lets get back to our chat with Spencer Waldron, the Regional Director and Head of Story for Prezi in Europe (seamless aren’t we). Spencer has been helping to grow businesses in global markets and in marketing for more than 20 years. Where in the last episode we chatted about bad presentations and how Hollywood is catering for shorter attention spans. Let’s pick it back up on that same theme, but how we consume news in a different way that we used to, Spencer take it away.

– What is your hero’s journey? What has been your struggle? Start your presentations with a story. Tell a story that illustrates the point you will be talking about or want to get across. Remember those emotional connections and engagement.

– Check out the pyramid principal (link is in the show notes) – start with a statement or a conclusion or something you want your audience to believe in. From there, if further convincing is needed, provide three supporting arguments to back this up, and then three pieces of evidence for each of these, if needed. It’s a great way to structure a presentation and construct convincing arguments.

– Augmented Reality (AR) could help us with presenting in the future in more interactive, immersive ways. We already have the technology (Smart Devices), that we are used to using and used to holding up in front of our faces, so the habitual changes aren’t that major.

Top Tip – No Distractions Please!
This weeks top tip is no distrac… hang on one second…. is no distractions (see what I did there)?

This is two fold I suppose, but the main point to take away is that to get the best results out of your research and studying you must find a place where you can do this with no distractions. Don’t get me wrong, a little background music may help, you know, to get you in the mood – but try and limit the lyrics as they can become a distraction quite easily. This makes it sound boring, quite, dull and boring, so try and think of ways you can learn that is also more exiting and stimulating, like listening to a podcast or just a change of scenery.

And remember to take breaks, regular breaks. Think about it like going to the gym to get fit. The idea isn’t to spend all day, every day in the gym with no breaks, you need to let your body… and your brain recover. Just remember to come back to it… eventually.

Assignment / Exam Question – L4 Integrated Communications – Dec 18 – 1(c)
First things first, you should recommend 3, no more, no less, 3 methods of developing internal awareness of a new target audience. As your answer needs to be relevant to your chosen organisation you will first need to understand the dynamics of how information currently flows around your company and the structure that is in place for this to happen.

As you are recommending methods, the types of communication you choose do not have to already exist, they just have to be appropriate. For example, developing an intranet that everyone has to log onto to access emails would not be appropriate for a company with a total of 5 people (a bit overkill really), whereas it would be a great solution for a nationally based organisation with 100’s of members of staff.

There are many ways available its just about choosing the right ones, giving reason for this and also justifying your answer with theory and examples.

So you might want to send this podcast round your fellow Marketing colleagues and test if the channels already in place actually work! I’ll let you know if any start to listen.

Spencer Waldron:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/spencerwaldron/
Prezi: https://prezi.com
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