Episode 20- Conversational Data – Frances Ralston-Good – CEO – Hearts & Science


Lets say hello to our guest, CEO of Hearts and Science, Frances Ralston-Good. Helping clients find better ways to serve their customers and grow a business has been part of Frances DNA for over 20 years. As CEO, Frances leads Hearts and Science as the data-driven company uses a whole host of algorithms and software to understand what the behavior of people and we are talking a lot more than just your average Excel spreadsheet.

– All strategies should be built on data. As Frances has discovered and we all know it deep down. What people say they do and what they actually do are two completely different things and it is only by looking at various data streams, be it qualitative or quantitative that we can truly understand what is going on and plan accordingly.

– The role that brands play in ‘conversations’ is vitally important, but also fraught with danger if these conversations are in real-time, which is why it is so important for all stakeholders to understand the ‘voice’ of the brand as this has become as important as a brands logo and culture.

– Negative reach, I’d never heard that term before but it makes perfect sense. The impact on the perception of what a brands ethos is can be dramatically changed if associated or seen in the wrong context. And negative doesn’t have to be the bad or vulgar, it could be as simple as dull or boring to still have a detrimental effect on a brands reputation and credibility.

– And finally, why do people choose a product, service or stick with a particular brand. Sometimes what consumers say, isn’t quite what they do and I loved the Credit Card example of tracing a consumers mind set – starting with a flick through a Next catalogue and ending with considering breast enhancements! I’m not sure if they are on next day delivery or not!

Happy Marketing Everyone!



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