Episode 2 – What Do Cows Drink? – moocreations


In the second episode of Marketing Study Lab we meet Chris Dunkerley, the MD and owner of moocreations, a creative agency based in the North West.

Chris describes the company as a business growth ‘kitchen’ predominantly for SMEs based in the North West. With a background in graphic design, Chris has grown moocreations from what was a graphic design based company over the past 10 years to what it is now, focusing in on some very specific industries that the company understands and can offer not only a creative service but a 360 review and analysis of a business.

Chris explains his journey that has led him to start his own company, break from the traditional corporate career and why he loves delving deep into the underbelly or an organisation to help them uncover their strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and treats.

– If your starting your own business or want to, take a look at the competition and what is already out there and simply be better that what is currently on offer. Look for that differentiator that will set you apart

– When you are in you business, the day-to-day running of things, you need less noise and more focus. This can be done in a number of different ways such as turning your emails off for a few hours a day, so not to get distracted. This will help keep focus and really drill down into the specific tasks that are a must to do that day.

– Reading and learning are two elements that are vitally important; we are never to old to stop or indeed start learning and whether it is by reading, listening or watching there will be a way that fits in with your needs and lifestyle.

– Always communicate to your target audience, consistently and confidently. Be there, be quick and be useful!

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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