Episode 19 – Secured Financially, But Not Mentally or Physically – Leah Steele – Founder at Searching for Serenity


Our guest this week is Leah Steele, Founder of Searching for Serenity, who has a compelling story to tell, her own story, away from Marketing! The reason I want you all to hear Leah’s story and the advices she brings in abundance, is that I think it may help some of you when overwhelm, stress or anxiety kicks in, regardless of where this comes from – work, home or more specifically in your studies.

Leah is a mentor to men and women struggling with exhaustion, burnout and overwhelm by focusing on time management, efficiency and decisive action taking, so its hard to believe she grew up wanting to be a lawyer.

– What is your dream job? Are you pushing as much as you can to get there? Long hours, missing family time, exhausted, no downtime? Are you the person that is ‘just to busy?’ – Maybe you thrive in these types of situations. But as Leah highlighted, the danger signs are all around you and if you have nothing left to give…. What if something else comes up, something good, something bad, something, just something, where mentally and physically will you fit this in? – You don’t train for a marathon, by running a marathon every single day, so don’t let your work or study life become your downfall.

– Watch out for the tell tale signs of stress and anxiety creeping in. Telling yourself ‘I just need to do XYZ’ or ‘If I can only get this done I’ll be fine’ as you will start to resent the things you once loved. So when studying, remember your goal, take it step by step and remember to reward yourself and be proud of how far you’ve come already…. Hopefully 19 episodes, but we can talk about that another time. And remember to think about life after you have reached your goal….the what next.

– Overwhelm comes from High Volume and Low Control. An easy way to manage this is to write down what is overwhelming you and consider – is this true, is this actually overwhelm or is it me that is causing the overwhelm?

– And finally remember, securing yourself financially at the detriment to security mentally and physically does you no good. You will always need to get away mentally at some stage, so make sure you do… perhaps by listening to a podcast… just an idea!

Happy Marketing Everyone!


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