Episode 19 – Secured Financially, But Not Mentally or Physically – Leah Steele – Founder at Searching for Serenity


Stupid mistakes are costly, that’s why we’ll look at the silly mistakes that come up time and time again within assignments and exams while also recapping on what you should be looking to focus on within the CIM Level 4 Digital Marketing Assignment, Dec 18.

Our guest this week is Leah Steele, Founder of Searching for Serenity, who has a compelling story to tell, her own story, away from Marketing! The reason I want you all to hear Leah’s story and the advices she brings in abundance, is that I think it may help some of you when overwhelm, stress or anxiety kicks in, regardless of where this comes from – work, home or more specifically in your studies.

Leah is a mentor to men and women struggling with exhaustion, burnout and overwhelm by focusing on time management, efficiency and decisive action taking, so its hard to believe she grew up wanting to be a lawyer.

– What is your dream job? Are you pushing as much as you can to get there? Long hours, missing family time, exhausted, no downtime? Are you the person that is ‘just to busy?’ – Maybe you thrive in these types of situations. But as Leah highlighted, the danger signs are all around you and if you have nothing left to give…. What if something else comes up, something good, something bad, something, just something, where mentally and physically will you fit this in? – You don’t train for a marathon, by running a marathon every single day, so don’t let your work or study life become your downfall.

– Watch out for the tell tale signs of stress and anxiety creeping in. Telling yourself ‘I just need to do XYZ’ or ‘If I can only get this done I’ll be fine’ as you will start to resent the things you once loved. So when studying, remember your goal, take it step by step and remember to reward yourself and be proud of how far you’ve come already…. Hopefully 19 episodes, but we can talk about that another time. And remember to think about life after you have reached your goal….the what next.

– Overwhelm comes from High Volume and Low Control. An easy way to manage this is to write down what is overwhelming you and consider – is this true, is this actually overwhelm or is it me that is causing the overwhelm?

– And finally remember, securing yourself financially at the detriment to security mentally and physically does you no good. You will always need to get away mentally at some stage, so make sure you do… perhaps by listening to a podcast… just an idea!

Top Tip – IMPORTANT – Take Note
There are some themes that come up time and time again when examiners are reviewing exams and assignments, these elements are usually the difference between a fail and a pass, a pass and a merit or even a merit and a distinction, which I know you’ve got it in you to achieve!

The first is the response to the command words that are so important, which we also covered in episode 3. These command words are the gateway as to what type answer should be written. Are you going to examine, assess, analyse, define, demonstrate or describe. Each one is different and each command word should be considered before tackling any question.

Formatting is another theme that, in some answers can be prohibitive. Like the command words, the format required provides you with a way of structuring your answer – Briefing paper, Presentation or Report, and like the command words, each one is different. With 10% of the overall marks being attributed to presentation, how can you not follow the required format? It’s a no brainer.

The word or page count of an assignment can surprisingly be something that some students either forget or disregard. These are guides as to how much should be written or how much is appropriate to be written to achieve top marks. Not sticking to this shows an incompetence to follow specific guidelines at the detriment to gaining further marks – easy marks!

Surprisingly, a recurring theme within assignment papers is lack of using theories, concepts and frameworks, which should be the backbone of any answer. These will only become apparent and obvious to you the more you research and study and the more you broaden your reading, so make sure you are doing just that – which you’ve already started by listening to this podcast.

Make sure you reference correctly. If you are unsure how to do this, check with your accredited study center or follow the link in the show notes. You must use the Harvard method for referencing and this must be done correctly. And plagiarism has no place in your answer, but you already knew that didn’t you.

And finally, make sure you don’t run out of time, either for submitting your assignment or while sitting an exam, this can lead to rushed work, where errors and omissions start to take hold. Don’t fall foul to it.

So to summaries, don’t be another statistic and make sure you:

– Read and understand the command words
– Format your answers correctly
– Follow the page count required
– Use relevant theories, concepts and frameworks
– Don’t run out of time!

Assignment Question – Level 4 Digital Marketing December 18 Assignment Recap
How do you summaries this assignment? So many variables, so many components. But like all assignments it’s about taking it one step at a time and one question at a time.

Your answers should be bespoke to the chosen organisation presented in task 1 (a). In rest of task 1 you need to research benefits of multi-channel marketing of which there are many, but remember the question is looking for benefits, not the disadvantages such as multiple touch-points or long term cost savings. This question requires a generic review whereas the final question is slightly different. Don’t fall into the trap of describing another two multi-channel approach benefits as this question is focusing on how your customers may benefit, which requires a different tact. Consider the visibility of the company and how information is passed to customers, amongst other things.

Task 2, in a report format, looks at integrating online and offline comms channels and you will need to discuss both advantages and disadvantages to gain marks, which should be specific to your organisation – You may want to consider transitions from one to another or perhaps issues with uniformity in brand or messages. A thorough examination of three key changes in online behavior is then required, again these will be specific to your own industry – think about technology adoption, content consumption and levels of service that may have changed. Finally you need to take a look at digital buyer persona, how can these be of value to your chosen organisation? Understanding your target market means that you can engage with them more efficiently and effectively, reducing costs to serve. Without a persona, its like trying to bake a cake without a recipe, you may get it right, but there is no way of knowing what was right and what could be bettered.

The final task is your digital marketing plan where you MUST and I mean MUST provide two objectives that are SMART (and if you don’t know what that mean, we cover it in Episode 16, so take a look).

You digital marketing plan must be generated in order to meet your two objectives, but remember to make it relevant to your chosen organisation in that it is achievable and actionable – i.e. not beyond the realms of possibility that it could actually be implemented in real life. Try using some structure to it. Some of the more relevant parts of the SOSTAC model may help you here.

Within your mix you will need to show integration between the offline – trade shows, direct mail, PR and the digital – social, SEO, PPC, website design, but make sure these tools are used the meet the needs of your target market and your objectives.

The final question is asking for you to explore monitoring techniques, which means you will have to research and quantify these methods that must match your marketing comms mix, by way of providing you some analysis into how successful your mix is. A focus on customer experience here is vital to gain marks.

And finally do not forget to reference appropriately, use real life examples to bring your answer to life and make sure it is well structured and easy to read, which will inevitably mean… easy to mark!

Happy Marketing Everyone!


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