Episode 16 – Vomit Advertising – Naomi Sesay (Professional Speaker, Author, Presenter, Actor)


You’re going to enjoy this one as we discuss, amongst other things content creation, immersive experiences, multi-digital platforms, tribes, media consumption, the importance of being persistent and vomit.

Onto this weeks guest who is a professional speaker, author (of The Human Upgrade: The Power to Create Your Future), presenter, actor with a passion for what she does.

Naomi Sesay always had aspirations to work in media and despite being told to get a proper job, has since worked on BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky TV but more notably at MTV, presenting MTV news and the very first Europe Music Awards.

– Persistence. Naomi always had a burning desire to work in media and was persistent until that happened and was always true to herself (even boarding school wasn’t going to stop her). So what is your big ambition and what is holding you back? Yourself? Your situation? Belief?

I cant believe I’m using a Kanye West quote here, but: Reach for the stars, so if you fall you land on a cloud!’

– Before creating any type of content (in terms of Marketing communications), it is vitally important you 1 – understand your audience and what needs they have that you can help fulfill, 2 – How is your audience consuming media – is it visual, audio, live, recorded, digital, print, and 3 – Which channels can be used to hit your target audience with your messages. Remember – today your audience may well be having advertising completely vomited all over them (which I thought was very eloquently put) and you don’t want your message to be vomit do you!

– Now I know it can be difficult when first starting out and looking for that first or next job but make sure that the companies you are looking to work for (if this is your chosen career path) have a fundamental purpose that aligns with your own ethos – wow, deep! This way you are true to yourself, the organisation you work for and those around you, meaning you can provide incredible value to this company and it customers. Do the thing you really love and be you.

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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