Episode 14 – What You Can’t Measure, You Can’t Manage – Zoe Dowling – FocusVision


If you’ve ever wondered how to put a great research project together then this episode is for you. This week we’re going to meet Dr. Zoe Dowling, the Lead Research Strategist for FocusVision, a research technology solutions provider. An eclectic blend of researcher, technologist, sociologist and marketer with a rich background across functions, industries and countries, providing shape around the unstructured delivering timely outcomes to meet business objectives.

As part of her work Zoe is also a consultant on the power of the research applications Focus Vision provides. 

While thinking of an intro I looked at Zoe’s LinkedIn profile page (doing my own bit of research there) and realised that I couldn’t really summaries Zoe better than this page does so I quote:

An eclectic blend of researcher, technologist, sociologist and marketer with a rich background across functions, industries and countries, providing shape around the unstructured, delivering timely outcomes to meet business objectives.

So what better way to kick off an interview with a Doctor of research, than to find out if Zoe has ever research how to win on a roulette table?

– Dr. Zoe puts her success down to a number of things, one being serendipity (I just love that word), which for a doctor that tries to make the unstructured structured is kind of a wired thing to say, but when coupled with the fact that Dr. Zoe has always been open to new opportunities, with no set path, it make perfect sense and a great way to summaries this is the transition from an academic position into the professional realm. So always take that chance, say yes – Carpe diem my fiends.

– In terms of any research you may be part of it is fundamental you narrow down what your are trying to achieve, remember to set those SMART objectives at the start of anything (if you are unsure what SMART objectives are I’ll post a link in the show notes). Not only what you want to achieve, but what will you be doing once you have the results? How will you put what you have learnt into action? If these are difficult questions to answer, it maybe that your field is to broad and the questions you are posing need to be narrow and focused.

– Technology only works with adoption, now this is key when considering communication channels and where your target markets attention is focused. If you are creating excellent content on a platform such as Instagram this could all be for nothing if your target audience don’t use this channel or to put it another way, are yet to adopt it! Are you to soon or focusing on the wrong communication channels?

– And finally, if you want to know something, ask them! Ask your consumers, ask your employees, ask your competitors if you have to, but ask. You don’t ask you don’t get.

Top Tip – Do Your Research
This top tip goes hand in hand with our guest in that it is all about research.

Some people like to dive right into an assignment and start writing straight away and learn as they go along, but the more information you gather at the start, before putting pen to paper, the more prepared you will be to tackle a Marketing assignment. Now this isn’t just about reading books as most assignments are structured in a way that allows you to take, learn and start to understand the fundamentals from all over the place, from your current position and company to, dare I say it, yep, podcasts!

Here are my top five key areas where you should to focus most of your time and effort while doing your research, but remember you can draw inspiration from more places than you may think:

Now although I’ve just said that doing research isn’t all about reading books, when it comes to the theories of Marketing (or the method behind the Marketing) then there isn’t really a better place to start than your core text book. That said, further reading of a variety of texts will open you mind to other theories and concepts you may not have heard of before and in addition to any books you may be reading check out the two following websites, created by past guests of this podcast:

Smart Insights – Dave Chaffey

Case studies
This is the part that goes missing from many assignment, real life examples that can help to endorse any statements you may be making. Keep your eye out for just really good marketing examples in every day life as well as the more standard places such as online, in journals or even your own trade publications. It is always best practice to learn from….well…..best practice.

Company and competitors
Many assignments that you will face ask for an organisational summary of the company you are basing your answers around, so it essential as well as just good practice to learn and understand what your organisation is all about, which will help you focus your answers as you are working with actual facts, figures and truths.

Secondly, check out the competition. In some tasks you are even asked to compare your company to a competitors, so make sure you are really in tune with what is going on in your own Market.

Happy Marketing Everyone!



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