Episode 11 – Running, In More Ways Than One – Anahid Basmajian (AdRoll)


I’m so please that we finally have our first female guest! Our first, but definitely not our last I can assure you of that. And what a great guest it is. But before I get onto the guest intro, I’ve just enough time to tell you that the top tip this week revolves around recommended and further reading lists, from books as thick as door stops to quick guides, where the hell should you start?

We look at a Dec 2018 Level 4 Digital Marketing question to help you improve your assignment, which I am sure is already looking pretty sharp! If you do have any specific questions you’d like to ask and gain some honest feedback just get in touch, it’s not that difficult, you can find us on all the usual channels or simply email me directly – peter@marketingstudylab.co.ukand I look forward to hearing from you.

But before you do you have got to listen to this episodes guest Anahid Basmajian, who is the Head of Brand Marketing (EMEA) at AdRoll, an organisation that aims to build other businesses online presence, making advertising online simple and straightforward though personalization and automation.

Anahid is now responsible for branding, content, PR, marketing, client events, design, creative concepts, global projects, social and other thought leadership programs while also managing a virtual content marketing team in San Francisco, Tokyo and Sydney. Anahid’s experience includes setting a Guinness World Record, all in aid of charity (but I’ll let her explain that one) and leading the international sales and marketing strategy for the No.1 Best Selling Business book ‘Leading Digital’ published by Harvard Business Review. And if all this wasn’t enough Anahid also runs AdRoll’s CSR Program, but that isn’t the only thing Anahid runs as you’ll find out later…

– It is always important to deploy empathy, which Anahid epitomizes in her current roll by running AdRolls CSR program and also in pervious positions, continuously raising over 1 million per annum for charity and you can throw a bag a pick and mix in with that, selling for £14,500 (if whoever bought this at auction is listening , drop me an email and let me know how it tasted? Or if you still have it? I’m sure the listeners would love to see a photo of it as well!)

– Dream big and make it happen. The internet has made things almost a level playing field where smaller companies can complete against the giants, you just have to be ambitious, but have science and methodology behind this ambition and always be asking and trying to understand the ‘why’

– Social is not the only distribution channel that can work for you, it is just one factor in a whole string of other factors and Anahid (even though AdRoll focuses on digital) believes that there is still a place for the more traditional channels, but it is all down to that all important question – where are your customers going to get the information, content or answers they need to fulfill a particular need?

Top Tip – Reading Lists
Reading lists. You’ve signed up for your course, got the study guide, read the syllabus, looked at the assignment, got a little scared, read it again, still got a little scared, and then decided you need to start learning and researching this thing we call Marketing, so you turn to an official reading list for comfort. Hang on, there is one if not two recommended books for this module alone and the further reading list is at least four more books (which can cost a pretty penny), so what should you do? Read them all? Buy the cheapest? Just buy the recommended book or the recommended book and one from the further reading list, but which one? This has go a little more confusing than even I thought it would!

So lets keep thing real simple, I like simple, its straightforward, understandable and more importantly affordable!

My recommendation is to firstly work out where your knowledge gaps are for the particular module syllabus you are studying, this could be within strategy, segmentation, sales funnels, customer journeys, user experience, content creation, marketing trends, situation analysis, metrics and measurements, whatever areas you feel either haven’t been covered as robustly as you would like or you feel your knowledge is particularly lacking in this area. Once you know this you will be able to make a better judgment as to which book is right for you. All the books on the reading list have been chosen either because their content cover the majority if not all of the syllabus, which means these type of books will provide you with intel on all the areas you are expected to cover, or they will focus in on a particular subject or topic in more detail such as PR Smiths SOSTAC model for creating great marketing plans (which is a must for any Marketer regardless) – links are in the show notes.

Oh and the Pro Tip…. Ask Google first, there is a wealth of information online and its free, allowing you to pick up the basics on particular topics before drilling down into the detail a well written book can offer! Or better still go to a known and trusted marketing source such as Smart Insights, which is a wonderful site full of Marketing models, theories, analysis and toolkits to help you – smartinsights.com.

Assignment Question – L4 Digital Marketing (2103) – Dec 2018 (1c)
This question, although covering the same marketing elements as question 1(b), which you can listen to in more detail in episode 8 of Marketing Study Lab, looks at multi-channel marketing from a slightly different viewpoint and that is from the viewpoint of the benefits it can bring to your particular audience.

The key features of this question are that you should only cover TWO benefits and the use of examples (which we have also spoken about on a previous episode – episode 10). These are integral to answering and gaining the required marks.

Multi-channel marketing, when viewed from a consumers point of view does indeed have multiple benefits and it will be down to you to decided which of these benefits, firstly, can be delivered by your chosen organisation (on a regular basis) and secondly would actually have a benefit to your target market. It is this integration that examiners will be looking for, rather than generic benefits that wouldn’t necessarily have a great impact on your target audience . These could include elements such as company visibility and the dissemination of information, interactivity through multi-screening or an enhanced customer journey.

And remember to use real life examples! They don’t have to be specific to your company or even your industry as long as they are relevant and reinforce the benefits you are proposing.

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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