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The Total Product Concept is something that can really help you out when reviewing the elements of a product that consumers may be attracted to. More of that later. But first, let’s meet out guest, the wonderful Hala Taha.

Hala, not only has the best name in the world, but hosts theYoung and Profiting Podcast and is also Growth Marketing Operations Manager at Disney Streaming Services. But this is only part of Hala’s story, from radio to running an all-female team of bloggers and working for a Fortune 50 company. Hala’s passion is infectious and from just listening to the podcast you can tell her desire to succeed at what is in front of her makes Hala stand out from the rest. So what better person to chat to and provide a wealth of knowledge AND motivation for you to nail your CIM Qualification.



- Don’t waste your time! Take a seat and write down your daily or weekly activities. Now take a look at those elements where you could be more productive and work to enhance your efficiency for ‘getting stuff done’ during those periods.

- Start with an end goal in mind and work back from there as to what needs to be achieved. This can work very well in business and also for your studies.

- It’s never to late. You can always pivot (and by pivot we mean change the course of your future by doing things different to what you do now). The door is never shut, so if it feels right… take that chance and by putting one step in front of the other, do the pivot.


Top Tip – Total Product Concept

So what’s this thing we call a Total Product Concept?

Well the actual model and the theory behind it can be broken down into four key areas, all important as you’ll see:


The core is that element of the product that is why it exists and meets the need of a target market. The core benefit.


The expected elements are the things that your target market almost take for granted. The colours, brand, packaging, features, accessibility, usability, for example.

Without these the products just wouldn’t sit right with those you are trying to have an influence on.


The augmented part of a product is the part that is bonus. Those elements that aren’t expected, but can make a difference and differentiate your product from the rest. This could be anything from an extended guarantee, exceptional customer service or added bonuses.

The product doesn’t need these elements to exist, but your target market may thank you and remember you for providing these.


And finally, potential, which as you may expect are those facets that a product could ‘potentially’ have in the future. A longer battery life or a variety of colours for example. This is the part where innovation and creativity can help move a product and even a company forward and ahead of the competition.



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