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Guest Intro

Ditching the act can be harder than it sounds, which is why in the new book ‘Ditch the Act’ Ryan Foland and Leonard Kim show us how to be true to ourselves, love our faults and even use these to succeed in life – to live a more fruitful and enjoyable life. And who doesn’t want that.

And this bonus episode we speak to the co-author Ryan Foland all about the book itself!

In a previous episode of Marketing Study Lab I had the pleasure of chatting to Leonard Kim (episode 61 for those of you that are interested –, who co-authored the book with Ryan. But as they release the book to the general public, I doubled up and spoke to Ryan, specifically about this book and why he’s looking a little red faced at the moment.

Ryan is a keynote speaker who has done no less than four TEDx talks, a personal branding expert and the creator of the 3-1-3 method (which we’ll come onto later), which you should defo check out after this episode.


– People want to do business with people. Think of those products or services you can’t wait to buy. Unless you have a shed load of money behind a brand, the chances are you will be purchasing because you know, like and trust the person behind the company. What they stand for, aligned to you as a person – that creates a much more powerful bond than any company brand could.

– The 3-1-3 method is so simple, yet so complex to perfect. Try it for yourself – try and write down what the problem is you solve, the solution for this problem and who it is for. Sounds simple – try writing it and then check out the video in the show notes. I almost guarantee your answer won’t be as bloody as it needs to be!

– It’s all about the problem you solve. No one really cares about your job, what you do. Unless you’re a spaceman or an old school pirate… then it might work. But in general, your job title is boring. And this book ‘Ditch the Act’ shows you how to bring the best out of you, for being you, of which solving problems is just one element of it!

Go out, get it and start to ditch your act!

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