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Dan Hardaker




Enjoy the Episode – Happy Marketing!


Our guest this week brings two huge Marketing worlds together – The creative and the Digital. Dan Hardaker is the Head of Digital Design at Proctor + Stevenson, a full-service B2B marketing agency working across creative, strategy and technology.

What makes this such an intriguing chat, is that Proctor + Stevenson have a long history with developing the next generation of design talent, which is just engrained into the P+S culture. Dan is perfectly placed to shed some light on how to develop as a Marketer and if qualifications or practical application is more important. Spoiler alert, it’s a bit of both, but you know that by now anyway.


– When looking for a job, be it your first one or indeed that next step up. Dan believes that you are better to find a company that provides mentorship as well as learning and development opportunities. If you find one that offers this then you will also get the opportunity, one day, to be the mentor yourself. And that is juts an amazing feeling – I’m talking from experience here.

– Dan also believes that there are pros and cons to getting a Marketing Qualification.

Pros – It’s a spring-board to a career and it provides the grounding and foundations you need

Cons – There is a valuable resource in starting work and learning those practical skills rather than the theory behind it

The correct answer. Do both – Study and get a job that fits in with your studies. Or get a job and study around this.

– And finally. One key word for those that are yet to experience the working environment. Pace – Be prepared for the speed at which things need to be delivered. Usually yesterday or in an hour is fine, but embrace the fear that comes with any role and enjoy the process of learning and developing, until you yourself, become the teacher.

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