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This podcast is part 2 of 2 from the recording of a workshop I was delighted to present at the end of last year around customer personas for Cambridge Social Media Day (part 1 can be listened to by downloading episode 145 of the Marketing Study Lab Podcast).

In the first part we took a look at where your personas fit within your marketing strategy and where you can find the facts and figures you need to develop them.

In this episode we cover;
• The issues with just relying on data
• Why you need to get creative with your personas
• Discover what a B2B persona is all about
• Take a look at a how to build a persona using a template
• And finally, I’ll take some Q&A’s from the audience to answer those burning persona questions

There are also some cheat sheets to go along with this workshop, which can be found on the Marketing Study Lab website: https://marketingstudylab.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Fact-or-Fiction-Sheets.pdf

One further note.

The live video recording of this workshop will be available along with all the other amazing workshops, seminars and presentations that featured over the two Cambridge Social Media Days soon. Sign up to get a reminder of when they will be available at; www.cambridgesocial.media/csm-day-2020

Watch the episode video:


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