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Lee Rowley

Enjoy the Episode – Happy Marketing!

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Buy my stuff, go on, buy my stuff.

If you don’t think this type of content works as its simplistic, intrusive and adds no value…. You’re right.

Persuasive content is key to engaging with your audience, guiding them to purchase the right solution to fix their problems. That is why Lee Rowley is joining us for a little chat about how he does this for his clients. As his LinkedIn profile states – ‘I ride shotgun in your buyer’s subconscious. Then I use what I find to create refreshingly human marketing that makes your competition irrelevant’ – If this isn’t enough to get your ears pricked I don’t know what is.

In this episode we cover;

– How to generate persuasive content
– How to stand out and find the unique you
– Creating content that resonates with your ideal customers
– What errors we need to avoid in developing content

Lee also introduces us to CopyBrand University (no longer available). Lee’s own online platform which helps you develop the type of persuasive content you really need to be creating.

But before all this I need to know – Lee, what is the most powerful

Watch the episode video:


– Lee showed us where we all need to start with our persuasive content – looking at the desired results – from the customers perspective. Sounds simple, but can be tricky when you are too close to your own business. Remember, your business is not for you, it’s made for your customers.

– We live in the connection economy. Focus on building those connections. Threading that needle that ties everything together first and foremost – not your bank account.

– And finally, my favourite line from this chat – Assumption kills copy! Never assume you know what your customers are thinking. Ask, research and test. Your customers don’t stand still and neither should our content.

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