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So this episode has been recorded in a slightly different way, mixing things up a little, so a big thank you to our guest this week, Jay Mullings, for editing the actual interview part of this episode. 

And with that in mind, let’s meet Jay, a content producer on YouTube, just search for Written Mirror and you’ll find him. This title doesn’t do him justice however, as Jay covers a whole host of creative development from copywriting to screenwriting, manuscript editing, photography, film/TV directing, audio/video editing, colour correction & grading and of course, publishing. 

Jay also has a host of awards to his name from Screen Play writing awards to International film Festival Accolades – way too many to mention here. So who better to take about all things creative and the creative process?


– Jay’s ethos is to go out and get it done regardless, to the best of his ability and thrive off this, which is amazing. So who are you doing what you’re doing for? Having a focal point, even if it’s for yourself can be a powerful thing to have in your locker.

– When creating content be open to creativity and the story you are telling, but let’s bring this down to writing, especially within Marketing Assignments. Jay mentioned that you need to be thinking about the person that will read what you have written and this couldn’t be more prevalent than in Marketing.

– And finally, to keep that writers block away, mix up your content, both what you are consuming (by way of research) and also how you tackle creating that content – check out more advice on this (the link is also in the show notes) 

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