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It’s so easy to create a brand, just design a logo right? That’s the brand. Wrong. The problem is these two words are just so interchangeable even I find myself saying brand when I mean logo! Probably because the word came from the ‘branding’ of criminals in the late 17th century (enough of the history lesson Pete, get on with it).

Anyway, as we’ll discover in this episode, a brand is so much more than some colours and a creative. Phil Robinson the Creative Director at Proctor & Stevenson has a solid background in copy, which means, as a Creative Director, he can sees both sides of the creative coin – the front facing and what goes on behind the scenes – perfect for giving us the lowdown on what makes a brand.

Phil’s college Dan Hardaker Head of Digital Design joined us back in episode 89 (https://bit.ly/39RiV8o), but for this chat we move away from building a Marketing Career to straight up brand.

But first, as we’re talking collogues here, I needed to know, Phil, when making the tea, do you put the milk in before or after you’ve taken the bag out?


– I love a good analogy and Phil’s representation of a logo being like a countries flag and the brand being everything that is within the countries make-up is brilliant. Think of any country and you get images and thoughts about what the country is made up of – weather, people, cities, activities, culture, etc – that’s the brand!

– But how do you create a brand? Try and focus on these four key areas:

1 – The brands proposition

2 – The brand tone of voice

3 – What are its key messages

4 – It’s visual identify

And look, we didn’t even touch the creative until point number 4… amazing!

– To create consistency within a brand Phil says you need these three things:

1 – Brand guidelines (to create consistency, not a straight jacket)

2 – Brand champions and ambassadors 

3 – Regular reviews as your brand should be as malleable as the ever-changing market is lives to serve.

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