Session 5 – Strategic Direction (FREE)


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Estimated time to complete session: 3 hours

The forgotten Marketing Question: What are we going to do now?

Listen up, this is possibly the most important part of the WHOLE course.

Why, I hear you ask? (even if you didn’t I’m telling you why)

This is the difference between a GOOD Marketer and a BAD Marketer – well one of many.

Most Marketers will jump straight to the tactics, even worse, straight to the communications, without giving consideration to the overall strategic direction Marketing should be focussed on, or even worse, the strategic direction of the whole business!

Here’s why it’s so important (using the cake baking analogy, love a good analogy);

Say you wanted to bake a cake. Great start and good decision. So you open a recipe book and find the ingredients and instructions on how to bake it –these are your tactics.


Before getting to this stage, you need to know your strategy – think of this as the title or header on the cake recipe book page – it tells you what you are going to make and adjacent to this is usually a photo, which indicates what it will look like when you’re done.

It doesn’t tell you how you will make it or what you need, but imagine trying to bake this cake without the image and title of it! Sure you could, and you’d end up with a cake for sure, but you wouldn’t know what type of cake it was or if it’s right for you – this is your strategy.

Enough cake, let’s get down to baking, I mean sorting out the strategic direction you should be taking.

Your Strategic Direction

In developing your strategy we will look at a range of elements that can be found in the worksheet that accompanies this session (which can be found at the top and bottom of this page), consisting of the following;

  • SFA (Suitability, Feasibility, Acceptability)
  • STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning)
  • Finally! Bringing it all together

Take the time to work through the top two topics before bringing it all together on one worksheet, which is discussed below.

Finally! Bringing it all Together

On the final page of the worksheet you will see that now we get to bring it all together, to take a look at all our hard work on one page. Doesn’t seem a lot, but this is the future of your marketing. What you will be focussed on achieving over the next 12, 18, 24 months and beyond.

What we have here are the following elements that you can pull from this and previous worksheets.

  • Marketing Plan Objective(s)
  • Strategic Direction(s)
  • Target Market
  • Positioning

It’s important we do this as it will provide the focus we need to develop and deliver the next part of the Marketing plan… The Tactics, which we’ll dive into in the next session.

Bonus Material

If you’re looking for some further listening on the importance of knowing your customers, give your ears a listen to this! A discussion about understanding customers with Louis Grenier Owner of;

Gosh darn it… I’m stuck!

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