Introduction – Why Marketing Planning (FREE)


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Estimated time to complete session: 40 minutes

This is just the start of your Marketing Planning greatness;

Welcome and thank you so much for wanting to make your Marketing much, much better by doing it the right way.

Even in this intro lesson you have some work to do, so we’d better crack on.

Let’s take this slow and get to know one another. All you need to do for this first worksheet is talk about your company. What does it do, who for and why should people use you?

In answering these questions we can start to get a good overall view of how we see our own company (sometimes from a blinkered perspective) and start to unwrap the main problems we help solve and the benefits that come with this.

It’s important you are honest here (less of the blinkered view we mentioned earlier), unless as we move forward through this course you will start to drift further and further away from your true Marketing Plan and start designing a plan for a fictional ‘everything is rosey’ company – and let’s face it, no one is perfect?!

Except this guy;

Mr Perfect WWE

This explains a lot – Again!

IN case you missed it on the course homepage: Let’s take a quick look at how to tackle this course in this quick explainer video. We cover:

  • What is a session?
  • What is a topic?
  • What do these look like?
  • How to find your way around the course
  • How to use the worksheets

One more thing…

If your company was a celebrity, who would it be (just a bit of fun really)? This should make you think of how you want to be seen by your customers and are you living up to this persona?

How much detail can you go into?

One more, one more thing…Throughout the course, you will see some podcast links, like the one below.

These aren’t integral to the course, they are included to add a deeper knowledge into a specific area of Marketing and can be listened to as part of this course or as a separate learning tool.

Take a listen to this chat with Michael Fields, a B2B Competitive Strategy Consultant. We discuss all things B2B and a little B2C Strategic Marketing, to get your brain ideas flowing;

Gosh darn it… I’m stuck!

If at any point during this course you feel you need a little extra help, drop me an email using the button below and we’ll chat it through to get you up and running again in no time;