Level 3 Marketing

Level 3 Marketing
Certificate in Marketing

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Who is this Course Aimed at?

We work with Professional Academy - a CIM Accredited Study Centre to bring you this course so you have the security in one of the top Accredited Centres as well as all the benefits of studying with Marketing Study Lab!

To find out if you are choosing the right course expand the box below. This course will provide a great insight into the world of Marketing. Many students use this as a spring board to other qualification levels.

Is It For Me?

We advise you to talk to us before committing to any CIM qualification. This will ensure that you choose the right one for you. This particular course is great if you are:

• New to Marketing
• Looking to start a career in Marketing
• Marketing Assistants
• Business Owners with limited knowledge of Marketing
• Anyone with a keen interest in the profession
• Apprentices

When you sign up to one of our courses, it is bespoke to you and you will receive the following:

• Exclusive access to Professional Academy resources
• Course material including study guides
• Interactive tutorials
• Online quiz to test you and highlight any areas where knowledge is lacking
• Dedicated one-to-one sessions (in person on online)
• Comprehensive tutor support - the best in the business!

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Do I Qualify?

This course is open to anyone as it is an introductory course, providing you with the basics of Marketing and how they can can be implemented.

What You Need

This course is open to anyone as it is a Foundation (level 3) course that will enables you to understand the role of marketing.

Ideal if you are starting out in marketing, want to understand the basic principals or looking to start or have your own business.

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So What Is It All About?

To achieve the CIM Level 3 Foundation Certificate in Marketing, you must pass the mandatory module and ONE elective module. If time is restrictive each module can also be taken and passed as a singular award rather than completing two for the Level 3 certification.

The Course Explained

Each module can be achieved as a distinct, self-contained award which can be built up to attain the full foundation certificate. To achieve the qualification, a pass in the mandatory module and ONE elective is required.

Take a closer look at what you will learn when completing this course by downloading the course specification here. Alternatively, click on the module title to downloading the individual module spec.

Marketing Principles (mandatory)
The function of marketing and its role in an organisation, as well as how the marketing mix is used to satisfy customer needs.

Customer Communications (elective)
The different customers that organisations have, and ways of communicating with those customers, through building a marketing communications plan.

Digital Essentials (elective)
Provides an understanding of what is meant by digital marketing and the key communication tools used.

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How Little Will It Cost?

The costs are broken down into two components - Those attributed to the CIM (these are payable to the CIM, of which we have no control over) and those attributed us, Marketing Study Lab which we keep working very hard to make sure are the most economical around.

The Pricing Explained

Marketing Study Lab Pricing:
Complete Course: £450
Single Module: £250

Other than the investment you will be making when signing up to a Marketing Study Lab course, the additional costs that you will need to consider before committing to anything are as follows (unfortunately we have no control over these)!

Other costs payable to CIM:
Annual registration fee: £60*
Total assessment fees: £210

*We advise taking 12 months to complete this course. This will give you the best chance to complete each module at the first attempt (which we know you will)! Taking this into consideration, the total cost for the CIM Level 3 Marketing (Foundation) Certificate in Marketing would be: £720