It is Marketing 101, KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER! If you don’t, you don’t know much:

Who are you targeting,
How will you construct your key messages,
What are the main USPs that will attract,
Choose imagery that engages,
Use the right platforms to distribute content.

You are now in danger of wasting time, money and energy if you don’t KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER!

A great example of this is Country File, YES BBC’s very own Country File. When promoting their 2018 calendar at the end of the program, the ways in which you can purchase are telling. Online, obviously, but they also detail how you can ‘post a cheque’ and provide a mailing address. Yes, in these ‘I want it now, not tomorrow’ times, the BBC understands that the Country File audience may not have the capability or facilities to order online and so provide various other methods to purchase. Now this might sound archaic, but remember, it is your audience that will determine the right methods of communication, not you!

Now I’m off to wander though a folly.