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Dr Amna Khan
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Dr Amna Khan is a Senior Lecturer in Consumer Behaviour and Retailing at The Manchester Metropolitan University Business School.

Amna also teaches Retail Managers from some of the leading names in retail such as Tesco, Asda and McDonalds as well as publishing research in leading academic journals, presenting at international conferences and her Media Appearances read like a TV and Radio guide, including numerous appearances on the BBC, ITV and Channel 5.


– If you are in retail, remember that we act and shop very differently online and offline. Online is more functional – it’s about speed, we now have limited time as consumers and online shopping fits this lifestyle. In-store or offline is completely different, it’s all about the experience, an experience that cannot be achieved online – think authenticity – pop-up shops, community-led activities and the growing interest in markets.

– As we’re in the festive period it was so interesting to hear how our shopping habits have changed over the festive period. Firstly, way back in 2007 that pesky recession happened as well as the rise of the American ‘Black Friday’ which is more of an online experience in the UK. Offline, retailers effectively brought sales forward to pre-Christmas as appose to the traditional post-Christmas Boxing Day sales.

– Consumers are the winners in retail at the moment, they have offers and options like never before to fit-in with our lifestyles being ‘always online’ and the rise in discount stores that are now seen as acceptable to shop in, as we all want to be savvy a shopper. It was not many years ago that this was seen as a negative thing to do and the biggest takeaway from this chat with Amna – Always consider the market and your customers, what do they want and give it to them!

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