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Lucia Knight

X Change: How to torch your work treadmill – Lucia Knight: https://amzn.to/30Awfto

Designing Your Life – Bill Burnett and Dave Evans: https://amzn.to/30Hi7OU


We continue our look at the 4C’s of Marketing Communication and provide a little clarity around this topic later, that being clarity is one of the 4C’s so we’ll be discussing clarity, not clarity of the 4C’s….is that clear?

We’ll sort that out later.

First, let’s meet Lucia Knight, Career Happiness Designer and author of X Change: How to torch your work treadmill, or to give it its full title:

X Change: How to torch your work treadmill, retire your boss, dump the ingrates, torment the passive-aggressives, escape the toxic office, get your fierce on and design the career that lets you live, love and laugh after 40

After going back to university to study Philosophy (as well as being a full-time Mum), Lucia discovered that in order to get a life and career that is meaningful and satisfying then the best way to do this is to have at least a little structure in how you are going to achieve this – I’ll let Lucia explain this in a little more detail.


– Are you doing work that matters? (a good old Seth Godin proverb there – total misuse of proverb I’m sure). But this statement, as Lucia highlighted – it’s massively important that you are. And there are a number of elements to consider to help you figure this out:

1 – You need to find your uber or super strength (and who doesn’t want to feel like a hero)?

2 – Is your work deeply fulfilling or satisfying?

3 – What problems would you be happy to be figuring out for years?

If we can start to think on these terms we will start to do the work we love.

– When searching for a meaningful career, don’t just ‘hit and hope’. To do this correctly you need to start a framework from which you can start to make the right decisions and take actions against. Like following a recipe

– Focus on one thing at a time and make sure you are maximizing this time, regardless of what it is: family, study, work, chilling, even sleep as this is a huge proponent on how the rest of your day will pan out, physically and mentally.

Top Tip – The 4C’s of Marketing Communication: Clarity

If you’ve ever been confused by anything, ever, you’ll understand why clarity is so important within any Marketing Communications.

Take the last thing that confused you. Mines probably my shoe laces, but you get the idea. Now think how you felt towards this thing. Comfortable? No, Attracted to it? No, Any affiliation to it? Again, no.

This is why you need clarity in your communications. Now think about some of the best communications you’ve had. This may be from a Sat Nav, a paint tin or a coach. Was it easy to understand? Yes, Was it easy to follow? Yes, Could you do exactly what it said on the tin? Yes! 

Now go and make sure all your communications are clear, unless you’ll be stuck with Velcro shoe for the rest of your life!

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