So What Is This All About?

I'd like to explain what Marketing Study Lab is all about, the background to why it was started and the reasons into what has lead to you to landing on this page right now.
Marketing Study Lab was launched in order to provide anyone the opportunity to learn about one of the most important business subjects you will need - Marketing. Marketing is crucial to any type of business or entrepreneur as it is the basis on which any relationship between an organisation and a customer is built.
I like to use the Sesame Street or Muppet analogy here (I like analogy’s as they work really well when trying to explain new concepts to people that have never heard of them) and the majority of people have heard of Sesame Street or The Muppets so it is quite universal.
Sesame Street – When you were growing up, you watched Sesame Street for three fundamental reasons which were:
a) You knew the characters and what the show is about (through various sources)
b) You liked them and what they were teaching you
c) You trusted what they were saying and bought into it
It is this fundamental premise that takes us back to why Marketing is so important – it is the ways in which we communicate a target market, getting them to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST us!
I started the company because I to have been exactly where you are now, ready to start of the journey to professional Marketing qualifications, but with not much of an idea about where to start, what type of Marketing course was right for me nor what it would include. I am hoping that through Marketing Study Lab we can share this journey and that I can make it as enjoyable and exciting as I know be so that you don't lose focus on your ultimate goal - Marketing Qualifications.
Anyway, back to the ‘About’ part of this page: Being a tutor over the past five years has allowed me to study the techniques that work and those that sadly don't while teaching students how to pass a professional Marketing qualification, helping my them reach their desired goals.
At Marketing Study Lab I want to offer you more than that, as the way we digest information is changing, time is limited and there is a need to look at better ways for you to learn, depending on the three fundamental core values:

The Time You Have Available

So when do you have the time to study: At weekends? During the week? Evenings? Whatever your constrictions we will find a way to make your chosen course fit around your lifestyle!

When You Want to Learn

Take your pick from the abundance of resources available to you. If you prefer to learn by listening, watching, reading or talking, we have the right material for you. You may even consider mixing it up, depending on your time availability and when you are at your best to digest the content we provide.

The Way You Prefer to Learn

I am a firm believer that everyone’s style of learning is different. Do you like learning in small snippets, or are you better focused for longer periods, do you prefer to block out a day or two and really nail it? Talk to us and we'll help you learn in a way that is best for you!
Is a Marketing Qualification Right For You?
Still not convinced Marketing Study Lab is for you? That's perfectly acceptable. I want you to be comfortable that one of our courses is exactly what you are looking for. Perhaps understanding the following will help you make a decision:
1) You are looking to pass a Marketing qualification
2) You want a fair and just price to gain a Marketing qualification
3) You want to be guided through the qualification process by someone with first hand experience
4) You want to learn about Marketing as well as how to pass exams and assignments
5) You are not interested in being just a number (I only take on a select few students per qualification)
6) You are looking for open and honest feedback from a dedicated tutor
7) You would like continual support and mentoring pre and post qualification.