What Episode Snippets are in this look back of Marketing Study Lab 2019:

Using Mailchimp and the Handsome Noel Edmonds with Catherine Gladwyn the Owner of Delegate VA – Episode 41

– We discover how Catherine got on when she was on TV!

Sweet Social Media Strategies with Nicole Osborne the Founder of Lollipop Social – Episode 49

– Nicole takes us through her steps of social media greatness

A Marketing Career with Patrick Ward Editor-in-Chief at High Speed Experts – Episode 77

– Patrick discussed the importance of qualifications and practical marketing experience

Ditch the Act with Co-Author Ryan Foland – Marketing Study Lab Special

– Ryan walks us through the 3-1-3 challenge and how easy but difficult it can be to describe the problem you solve

Small Business, Big Marketing with Tim Reid – Episode 57

Tips on Passing Your Marketing Qualification with Accounting Exam Coach James Perry – Episode 59

– James highlights the importance of using real life examples in your exams and …. in real life!

B2B Marketing with Michael Field the B2B Competitive Strategy Consultant from EvettField Partners – Episode 67

– We discuss the difference between B2C and B2B marketing

Enjoy the Episode – Happy Marketing!


Well it’s been an eventful year for the podcast, we so many amazing guests and more to come. As this is the last episode of the year, it’s an opportune time to take a look at some of the highlights from the podcast during this year.

Now it would be easy to just copy and paste ALL the episodes together, cause each one has brought it own nugget of Marketing genius, but unfortunately that would be around a day long and take to long to upload so you’re stuck with just a few and here they are!

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