10 Step, 4 Page Marketing Plan

10 Step, 4 Page Marketing Planning Tool

So what are we trying to do here?

A Marketing Strategy is integral to any business and for many it IS the business. Unfortunately, many start this process right in the middle – with the communications and creative. This is fundamentally wrong and will eventually end up wasting time and money!

To create a valid, justified and useful Marketing Strategy it takes a little bit of time and effort, but this time and effort is paid back exponentially in the long term – short-term pain, long-term gain!

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Let's start with some small steps shall we?

This 10 step, 4-page Marketing Plan will help you form the basis of your Marketing Strategy. It is a scaled-down version of what I would class as a comprehensive Marketing Strategy, but has all the components you need to get you started without blinding you with Marketing Blahhhh!

By utilising tried and tested models and theory that have been the pillars of Marketing for decades you can formulate a Marketing Plan for the next 3 months and onwards by simply following these 10 steps.

Within each of these 4 pages, you will find templated models all ready for you to fill in. This will help you get clear on your current situation, where you want to go and how you will achieve this.

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Your next three months, sorted!

This templated Marketing Plan will help you build your next three months Marketing activity, which is a great start on your way to a more successful Marketing Strategy. Here’s what we’ll cover:

1– Your customers
2– Your company
3– The market
4– SWOT / TOWS Analysis to get you focussed on where the business opportunities are
5– Objective setting
6– The tactics you will implement (what is classed as the Marketing Mix)
7– Promotional content
8 – Timeline of your activities
9– Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to track your progress
10– Reflection

Less chatting and more action. Let's create, not colour-in.

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