Managing Your Marketing

Why is Marketing important to you and your business?

You might not even know the answer to this question.

BUT, you do know you should be doing something about it.

I can help your business create more awareness and ultimately generate a profit - through Marketing. 

This means getting the best out of your Marketing through a bespoke plan, tailored to your business.

Now the bad news (soz about this) - I'm afraid to tell you that there are no cutting corners and no quick fixes, these only lead to poor results.

The good news?

I can help! Well, it's good news for me at the moment, but it means it will be good news for you once we start chatting 🙂



Marketing is to you and your business, NOW is the time to improve it.


The science bit, well not really. More of a food analogy to show you what is going on in your business...

I remove any chokehold a business places on Marketing, reducing its ability to feed growth.
A company becomes malnourished from generating leads or keeping valued customers if its Marketing isn’t on the right diet.

Even worse, your Marketing could be HANGRY (Hungry and Angry) and who wants to buy from a business that is hangry?!?!


'How can this be done?' I hear you ask?

If you've ever been hangry you'll get what I mean.

If you haven't then I want to take you back to your childhood and Lego. You know when you have loads of Lego all over the floor, it looks a mess and it’s a pain when you stand on it.

I take these bricks and start to make sense of how they all fit together. I also provide the instruction manual that allows you to knock all these bricks down and start again, making your marketing department a value creator, not a cost centre.

If your marketing feels like a pile of painful Lego, let’s chat and get those building blocks fitting together.


Marketing should be a;

not a

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