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Episode 25 – Moonwalking to Success Zoe Stainsby – Global Integrated Entertainment Marketing Specialist – Fuse

When you read, do you read aloud or keep it to yourself? Well we’ll talk about reading aloud ...
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Episode 24 – Customer Experience and Eating Dog Food – Kat Knocker – Head of Product and Customer Experience – tails.com

Have you ever eaten dog food? This week we have a shaggy dog story for you as we ...
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Episode 23 – Santa and the Employer Value Proposition – Kim Kunze – Siemens

Before we look at why planning is such an important part of your studies and also run through ...
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Episode 22 – The Art of Presenting Planning, Creation, Delivery (The Heros Journey) – Spencer Waldron – Prezi (Part 2 of 2)

We will have no distractions in this episode, at least during our top studying tip, which is all ...
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Episode 21 – The Art of Presenting Planning, Creation, Delivery (The Heros Journey) – Spencer Waldron – Prezi (Part 1 of 2)

Ever thought of rewarding yourself for doing a great job at something – why not? If not, wait ...
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Episode 20- Conversational Data – Frances Ralston-Good – CEO – Hearts & Science

Don’t lie, if you don't lie, you don't have to remember anything and that is why we have ...
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Episode 19 – Secured Financially, But Not Mentally or Physically – Leah Steele – Founder at Searching for Serenity

 Stupid mistakes are costly, that's why we’ll look at the silly mistakes that come up time and ...
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Episode 18 – A Thriller of an Episode – Luke Southern – MD at Drum (Omnicom Group)

 Concept, Application, Evaluation and Presentation. The four pillars to any CIM Marketing Assignment answer and we’ll be ...
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Episode 17 – Frictionless Commerce, Retail Specialism – Fiona Ellis-Chadwick – Loughborough University

Straight to what we are assigning your time this week as after our interview we will take a ...
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Episode 16 – Vomit Advertising – Naomi Sesay (Professional Speaker, Author, Presenter, Actor)

You’re going to enjoy this one as we discuss, amongst other things content creation, immersive experiences, multi-digital platforms, ...
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Episode 15 – Just Get INvolved – Ori Chandler – MD of INvolve

We go deep into equality, openness, diversity, changing cultural bias, oh and swinging from stuff, with Ori Chandler, ...
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Episode 14 – What You Can’t Measure, You Can’t Manage – Zoe Dowling – FocusVision

If you’ve ever wondered how to put a great research project together then this episode is for you. ...
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Episode 13 – Emotional Creatures, Occasionally Rational – Dr. Carl Marci – Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience

We have a transatlantic feel to this episode as it features a conversation with Dr. Carl Marci, the ...
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Episode 12 – You Can Sit on Your Arse or Do Something With Your Life, Your Choice – Leigh Riley (Cosatto)

 Meet a Deputy Managing Director who discusses amongst other topics, product development, branding, customer service, digital communications ...
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Episode 11 – Running, In More Ways Than One – Anahid Basmajian (AdRoll)

I’m so please that we finally have our first female guest! Our first, but definitely not our last ...
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Episode 10 – SOSTAC – PR Smith (Paul Smith)

In this episode we will be talking with someone that has help thousands, if not millions of organisations ...
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Episode 9 – Branded Content. It’s As Easy As ABCD – Andrew Canter BCMA (Institute of Branded Content)

Andrew Canter is amongst the leading practitioners in branded content with over twenty five years experience. Global CEO ...
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Episode 8 – The (P)RACE To Digital Success – Dave Chaffey (Digital Marketing Guru)

Author, digital strategist, co-founder of one of the, if not the go-to website for digital marketers, you can ...
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Episode 7 – The Yoda of Marketing (The Force is Strong with this One) Part 2 – Mark Ritson (Marketing Guru)

Part 2 of 2: Before introducing my guest on this episode… again as it is part 2, I ...
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Episode 6 – The Yoda of Marketing (The Force is Strong with this One) Part 1 – Mark Ritson (Marketing Guru)

Part 1 of 2: Mark Ritson is an adjunct professor of Marketing at Melbourne Business School, helping to ...
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Episode 5 – The Three Rule of Agency Club (Part 2) – Mando Group

Part 2 of 2: Before we meet Ian Finch, MD and Owner of Mando Group, a digital agency ...
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The Greatest Sportsman(ship) Program

Without giving to much away and with no spoilers, I recently had the pleasure in interviewing PR Smith ...
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Episode 4 – The Three Rule of Agency Club (Part 1) – Mando Group

Part 1 of 2: Before we meet Ian Finch, MD and Owner of Mando Group, a digital agency ...
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Episode 3 – If You Build It, They Will Come – BMF (Builders Merchant Federation)

In this episode we talk to John Newcomb, the Chief Executive of the BMF (Builders Merchant Federation) who ...
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Episode 2 – What Do Cows Drink? – moocreations

In the second episode of Marketing Study Lab we meet Chris Dunkerley, the MD and owner of moocreations, ...
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Episode 1 – Marketing Study Lab Introduction

Introduction to Marketing Study Lab. Peter Sumpton, host and tutor will explian what Marketing Study Lab is all ...
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Cheques Made Payable To… Knowing Your Customer

It is Marketing 101, KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER! If you don’t, you don’t know much: Who are you targeting, ...
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Being Brave

This is a short one. I recently did a presentation where I asked if what I had been ...
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It’s Been Emotional

I recently went on a little trip into Europe (not bragging, it’s fact), but going to the airport, ...
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Star Wars – A Merchandising Saga

Although merchandising has been around since movies became mainstream, Star Wars was the first  to really cash in ...
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The Heathrow Christmas Advert is the BEST Thing Ever! Here’s Why…

Watch the Heathrow Bears Christmas Advert here What doesn't this advert have going for it? OK, perhaps not ...
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Study, Plan and Pass… Repeat

Here are the Marketing Study Labs top tips when tackling a Professional Marketing Qualification: Study Guides A study ...
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Getting The (Exam) Timing Right

One of the main reasons why students don’t pass a Professional Marketing Exam is because they get the ...
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To Learn or… to Learn, that is the Question?

A qualification isn’t for everyone. I’m not going to lie and say it is as that just isn’t ...
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Can It Aid Performance?

I saw this sign at my local gym and it did make me think... is this true? Now ...
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Marketing Assignment Tips

Marketing Assignment Tips (1 of 9): Answer the Task Given, Not Your Own Similar to an exam, it ...
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