Construction Marketing Strategy and Planning

Creating successful Marketing Plans for
the Construction Industry that 

This is all you really need to know.
oh, and we've been working
within construction for over 15 years.

This is all you really need to know. oh, and we've been working within construction for over 15 years.

The construction industry is so diverse that a Marketing Plan shouldn't be tied to just one generic outcome.

It should be aligned to the outcome YOU want, based on strategies that are bespoke to your business, derived from detailed research.


Marketing hasn't changed, it never has or did, but the construction industry is dramatically changing all the time.

From the products that are used onsite to the software that increasingly changes the dynamic of the roles and abilities of what is possible.

I'm afraid to tell you that there are no cutting corners and no quick fixes, these only lead to poor results, which is why we don't do poor results.

If you've been told otherwise you've probably been hoodwinked into thinking that you need to take some new magic pill to make it better, revolutionise what you're currently doing.

The reality is, you need to firstly utilise the fundamentals of Marketing, do the groundwork, build up from there and then execute!

I have some good news; We can help!


What we do...

Use Marketing Theory to Drive Decisions

Generate leads

Generate sales

Increase turnover

Improve brand awareness

Increase customer loyalty

Position of long-term success

Getting clients to flock to you

Plan your next 6 to 12 months activity

Bespoke, theory-based solutions

What we don't do...

Create short-term sleazy tactics

Dive right into meaningless comms

Separate sales from the Marketing process

Talk about a 'logo' when you need a 'brand'

Get you to #1 on Google (whatever that means)

Help you 'go viral'

Use channels that aren't a strategic fit

Target 'everyone'

Our Three Mantras

Always Start at the Beginning

When it comes to their Marketing so many businesses start with communications and don't see results because of this.

It's like running a marathon before you've done the training - painful, exhausting and you won't see the best results.

We always start at the beginning, formulating plans based on knowledge and foundational theory to drive results and effective communications.

Each company is unique and a Marketing Plan must match this uniqueness.

We are NOT a 'Digital' Agency

Although this is a hugely important part of what we do and offer and is almost integral to any Marketing Plan right now, we're all still human, well most of us (some are more machine than man).

We pride ourselves on being Marketers, not Digital Marketers, not Brand Managers, not the Social Lead or another flashy title, but Marketers.

At the heart of what we provide are the solid foundations of Marketing, which covers all aspects of the profession - we do this as no two companies should be seen as the same and each one will need specific requirements. We don't know until we start chatting what the right plan is for you and your business.

Theory-Based Marketing Planning Solutions

Trying to implement a Marketing Plan without solid foundations is futile.

Everything we do is based around models, theory, case studies and other learnings, not simply a throw-together plan that lacks structure, guidance and a lack of focus.

Although our roots are buried deep within this foundational Marketing knowledge, we fully understand that it's the creativity and implementation of this knowledge that brings our plans to life.

You can't have one without the other, it would be like half eating and sandwich (who does that!)

Foundational Marketing Knowledge + Creativity = Results


How we do it...

There are five different packages, depending on where you and your organisation are with your Marketing. From consultancy using a Marketing-led approach for long term success to online and bespoke courses that enhance Marketing skills, individually and as a team.

Consultancy Service

Complete Marketing consultancy package. Removing the pain from years of poor Marketing.



Ideal for large organisations with a Marketing team.


Is this for you?

You know that Marketing will help your company grow and increase market share, but need that guidance from an experienced Marketer.




£400 per day

Plan and Action

We do all the heavy lifting - planning and implementing your bespoke Marketing.



Ideal for organisations with little or no Marketing function.


Is this for you?

You know that Marketing is the thing that will generate you more leads and sales, but don't have a team to do it. We can help. We're that team. Your team!




approx. £8,000 per month

Team Integration

Designing your Marketing Plan and hanging around to implement it alongside your team.



Ideal for smaller Marketing teams within a business.


Is this for you?

If you're a little thin on the ground with resources, we can slot right into your team. We'll bring our bespoke, ready to go plan with us as well.




approx. £5,000 per month

Marketing Planning

Create and hand over a 'done for you' Marketing plan ready for implementation.



Ideal for organisations with a ready-to-go marketing team.


Is this for you?

Your team is ready to rock and roll but you just don't have the time to get it all mapped out. Let's sort this out.




approx. £2,000 per Marketing Plan

Online Courses

Online Courses or bespoke team workshops.



Ideal for individuals or teams who are looking to further their Marketing knowledge.


Is this for you?

Whether you want to build up your own knowledge or you want your team to grow together, we have the course/workshop just for you.




approx. £100 per course/workshops POA!

Note: The following MUST run for a minimum of 6 months to see any type of results: Consultancy, Plan and Action and Marketing Planning

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